Project #751 - Mexico/U.S.

UIM Aviation


Aviation Tools

Project Cost: $ 10,000.00

UIM Aviation (UIMA) is an independent faith mission establishing Native American, First Nations, Mexican, and Hispanic churches in North America. UIMA uses their aircraft to support the indigenous church in Mexico by transporting supplies, Bible translators, missionaries, and pastors into the mountains. In addition, they are often asked to transport sick or injured tribal people to a hospital or nearby medical clinic.

Their ministry regularly needs a variety of aviation tools to help them fulfill their mission of “Flying to Change Lives”. Each tool is important in maintaining their aircraft and hangar facilities. Giving to this project will help ensure safety and proficiency as their pilots make regular flights into the rugged Sierra Madre mountains.

Items needed: ArmorUltra top coat kit, engine drier/corrosion prevention, metric tool kit, long throw video projector, spray gun, circular saw, and other important tools…