Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  1. Will any part of my gift to MPF go to pay for administrative or other non-project costs?
  2. No, 100% of every donation goes directly toward funding projects. All administrative and other costs are funded by the MPF Board.

  3. Does MPF send missionaries to the field?
  4. No, MPF only provides equipment to missionaries already on the field.

  5. Does MPF fund building construction or printed materials?
  6. Typically MPF does not provide funding for construction or for books, etc. However, we do sometimes provide funding for equipment that is used in construction or hardware that is used for printing published materials.

  7. How does MPF decide which projects to fund?
  8. A number of criteria are considered, including likely impact on the spread of the gospel, cost of the project, and past experience with the mission board requesting funds, among others. The MPF Board evaluates requests using criteria like these and relying prayerfully on the Spirit of God to direct our decisions.

  9. How long does it typically take once a project has been approved for funds to be sent to the requesting organization?
  10. It typically takes from three to six months for funds to be raised for an approved project.

  11. How may I obtain an application for project funding?
  12. You may obtain an application by filling out our contact form and select "Request for Project Application" from the subject drop-down.