Project #674 - Nicaragua



One container of rice and beans to feed orphans for a month

Project Fully Funded

$ 41,990.00 / $ 39,219.00

Through local churches in Nicaragua, ORPHANetwork serves over 23,000 vulnerable and orphaned children by providing life-saving meals which are cooked and served through these churches.  Due to the COVID crisis, other partner ministries can no longer host meal-packing events and their supply line has come to a stop.  Their need for this year was 29 food containers, but they will only receive 14.  They are, therefore, asking MPF to fund one container of rice and beans which will feed 8,000 children one nutritious meal a day, three to five days a week, for one month. Please help these children receive healthy meals during this difficult time, many of whom would go without food if it weren’t for this ministry.

The total cost for one container of food is $39,219, which includes transportation to where it is needed most.  This is an unprecedentedly large project for us, but these are unprecedented times and the need is both great and urgent.  MPF has found a donor who has pledged $20,000 towards the total amount.  As God lays it on your heart, please help us to get this project fully funded as soon as possible.  Just $5 will feed one orphan for a month; $25 will feed five orphans; and $100 will feed twenty.  **We are SO THANKFUL for all of you who supported this project!