Project #677 - Northern Ghana

OneWay Ministries


5 Motorbikes plus equipment *ONLINE FALL FUNDRAISER!

Project Cost: $ 15,065.00

$ 25.00 / $ 15,065.00

Motorbikes are a key component to getting missionaries into unreached villages with the gospel.  OneWay Ministries has five full-time native missionaries in Northern Ghana who travel extensively into rural areas, often riding through rough terrain despite physical challenges, inadequate equipment, and resistance from some villagers.  It would be a great blessing to provide new equipment for EACH of the five men!

Equipment needed per missionary: YAMAHA Motorbike; Water-resistant jacket; Motorbike gloves; 70-ltr Water-proof backpack; Outdoor solar-lighting system; a year’s supply of water purification tablets; Motorbike boots; Studds helmet; and four WiFi BiblePlus+ Hotspots.  ONLINE FALL FUNDRAISER!!