Project #698 - Kenya

Chariots for Hope


Housing Renovations

Project Fully Funded

$ 9,438.00 / $ 9,438.00

Chariots for Hope runs six children’s home and two baby homes in southern Kenya.  At their Mukaa Children’s Home, there is an immediate need for renovations to staff housing.  Two on-campus homes are deteriorating and will eventually be unfit to live in.

The manager, Amos, and his family live in a house that has developed vertical cracks along the building and whose front room needs to be redone before it breaks off from the rest of the house.  The assistant manager’s home currently has only a single room, with no separate kitchen.  The renovation will give her and her family a living room, kitchen, and bathroom.  Please help us meet this urgent need so these families can continue to live safely in their homes and minister to the children!