Project #710 - Ukraine

Mission Eurasia


URGENT NEED! One (or more) Box Truck

Project Fully Funded

$ 30,103.00 / $ 20,000.00

On February 24, 2022, Russia launched a brutal, unprovoked assault on the nation of Ukraine.  The global community has reacted in horror and disbelief as Russia continues its rampage throughout the country.  So far, over 2.5 million people have fled to neighboring countries for safety, and many more are trapped in their country, finding it difficult and dangerous to leave.

In response to this humanitarian catastrophe, Mission Eurasia has launched the UKRAINE EMERGENCY RELIEF FUND to help provide for the urgent, immediate needs of Ukrainians still living in the country, as well as refugees who have fled.  Through this fund, Mission Eurasia works closely with national churches in Ukraine, Moldova, and Poland to provide food, medical care, housing, and spiritual care for the victims of this war.

To assist families still living in Ukraine, Mission Eurasia is providing food packages that contain enough food to sustain a family of 4-5 for a week, as well as a copy of Scripture.  They are in need of six box trucks (at a cost of $20,000 each) to haul the packages into the country to reach as many people as possible.  MPF is partnering with them to provide at least one box truck, possibly more, but we need your help to do this!  Please consider giving what you can to help our brothers and sisters in their struggle for freedom.  A donor has pledged a $10,000 MATCHING GIFT, so your generosity will go even farther!  UPDATE ON 4/1/22: We have enough funds for ONE truck!! Thank you for your quick response!  We are currently working on another truck and will be collecting funds for this until April 15th.

2nd UPDATE on 5/10/22: Because of our Lord’s faithfulness and your generosity, we were able to collect enough additional funds to cover half of another box truck – $10,103!  Thank you!!