Project #715 - Nigeria

Rishama International


Solar-powered Pumping Station

Project Fully Funded

$ 3,082.00 / $ 3,082.00

Rishama is an orphanage and Christian academy near Keffi, Nigeria, that houses over 350 students from various backgrounds, all of whom are either orphaned or live in vulnerable situations.  At the school they experience love, superior education, medical care, and the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In 2019, Rishama purchased 17 acres of land to raise food for the students and for cash crops.  The original well pump is being repaired and upgraded to solar power, but they need to dig an additional well to provide enough water for the children and to irrigate their crops.  A new solar-powered pumping station will provide for these needs and save on the rising cost of diesel fuel.  MPF is funding the new pump machine and solar panel installation along with a socket adapter and well caps.