Project #716 - Mexico/Arizona



Two Garmin G-5 instruments

Project Fully Funded

$ 6,000.00 / $ 6,000.00

In the rugged Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico, a short 24 minute flight can save between 8 and 12 hours of travel by car, foot, or boat.  This can be life saving in the event of a critical medical evacuation!

Inspections and overhauls of planes are just a few of the many maintenance projects performed at UIM-Aviation headquarters in Tucson, AZ.  This project will help them upgrade their electronic flight equipment, which currently are older, vacuum-driven models, with the new Garmin G-5’s.  The Garmin combines several instruments into one and makes flight information easier to scan, which is important so pilots can respond quickly and intuitively to any inflight situation.  MPF has provided funds for two Garmin G-5’s, each with a cost of $3,000 per unit.

* This project was funded through generous gifts given in memory of Mr. Alfred G. Piranian.  Mr. Piranian passed away in February 2022 in a plane crash in Southeastern, PA.  He had a deep and abiding faith in his Savior which shaped everything he did in life.  He devoted most of his professional life to serving his country, both as a Navy civil service employee and as a Naval Reservist.  He also enjoyed being a flight instructor for many of those years.