Project #719 - Vanuatu

Marine Reach-Family Care Centre


Dental Equipment

Project Fully Funded

$ 8,333.00 / $ 8,333.00

Marine Reach-Family Care Centre (FCC) is a medical and dental training campus whose focus is on discipling the nation of Vanuatu, which is a series of islands located about 1,100 miles off the coast of Australia.

An estimated fifty percent of the Ni-Van population of Vanuatu is afflicted by oral disease, yet there is only one dentist for every 35,000 people!  FCC provides free health care to about thirty dental patients a week.  They plan to open a second dental surgery office to perform root canals and will need an x-ray scanner and laptop to see below the gum line in order to do the necessary root canals safely.

Would you consider giving toward this urgent need?  Thank you!