Project #729 - Romania

Child Evangelism Fellowship


Ministry Vehicle **Matching Gift**

Project Fully Funded

$ 13,000.00 / $ 13,000.00

CEF trains local workers to evangelize children, train new workers, and to work closely with local churches. In 2022, over 250,000 Romanian children were reached with the Gospel. CEF workers also helped these children to deal with the war in Ukraine. And since Ukraine borders Romania, this gave them a unique opportunity to evangelize Ukrainian children who have taken refuge there since the war.

Liviu and Anca Dulcainu are new workers at CEF who serve in an area of Romania that has open doors to evangelism. They are badly in need of a newer, more reliable ministry car so they can continue to serve the many Good News Clubs they lead. When your Good News children actually pray for God to “please take our leaders home safely in their car,” you know it’s time for a new vehicle!

MATCHING GIFT! We have a matching gift for this project…up to $6,500. So every dollar you give will be doubled!!