Project #731 - Canada

UIM, Int'l


25 Commercial Dorm Mattresses

Project Fully Funded

$ 7,500.00 / $ 7,500.00

Rock Nest Ranch Bible Camp, through the ministry of UIM, International, reaches out to the First Nations People of Northern British Columbia with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The camp is an evangelistic tool to reach the youth and to build relationships with their families.

Since being shut down in 2020 due to Covid, they have finally been given permission to start up camp again this summer! But first they were required to have a state health inspection which found they will need to replace a majority of their mattresses.

MPF is sponsoring 25 commercial dorm mattresses ($300 per mattress) for this Bible camp. Do you have a fond memory of summer Bible camps in your past? Please give to this project so that young people can learn of God’s love for them!