Project #695 - Nigeria

Rishama International


Concrete Brick Wall *MATCHING GIFT OF $4,000!

Project Fully Funded

$ 8,000.00 / $ 8,000.00

Rishama is an orphanage and Christian academy in Nigeria that owns several acres of land near the school where they raise food for themselves and use extra as cash crops.  Unfortunately there is an ongoing problem with hostile groups invading open farm and pasture land with their herds, laying claim to the land and occasionally becoming violent.  Due to the danger, Rishama has already begun building a 2-3 foot high concrete brick wall to keep these herds out.  They have no extra funds to pay for the materials and local workers and have asked MPF to sponsor the over 3,000 linear foot wall.

*GOOD NEWS!  We have a Matching Gift of $4,000!  Please help us raise the balance for this project so the crops that the children grow will be protected!