Project #696 - Siberia, Russia

Mission Eurasia


Used snowmobile, tent, and sled

Project Fully Funded

$ 10,000.00 / $ 10,000.00

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, Mission Eurasia began working in the remote, unreached regions of Russia’s Far North.  Their focus is to train and equip the Next Generation of indigenous leaders to spread the gospel in hard-to-reach regions.  To accomplish this, they need a snowmobile, a necessary form of transportation in this harsh, remote, frozen environment, a tent to hold evangelistic meetings for nomadic reindeer herders and other indigenous groups, and a sled for the snowmobile to transport the tent from place to place.

Snowmobile: $6,000   Tent: $3,000   Sled: $1,000