Project #700 - Peru

CLC Ministries International



Project Fully Funded

$ 4,297.00 / $ 4,297.00

Although the Christian Church in Peru has grown rapidly since the 1990s, Christian literature is still not available in large areas of the nation.  In 2013, CLC Ministries took over management of three Christian bookstores from another ministry that needed help but were unable to open the other five stores.  They believe a bookmobile is just what is needed to fill the gap in literature in those areas.

The Quechua, along with at least 50 other indigenous groups, will benefit from this new book service.  CLC will use the funds provided by MPF to purchase a Toyota Haice cargo van for this use.

Note: The total cost of purchasing this van is $14,290.  Funds from a previous CLC project for $9,993 were never used and are being allocated to this one.