Project #701 - South Asia

Faith Comes By Hearing


Gospel Film Projector Sets

Project Fully Funded

$ 10,000.00 / $ 10,000.00

The goal of Faith Comes By Hearing is to record and provide God’s Word in every language by the year 2033.¬† A ministry partner of theirs in South Asia has been faithful to implement their Bible listening programs and is now eager to incorporate gospel films into their evangelism, discipleship, and church planting strategies, but they need audio-visual players called Acclaimers¬†to show the film in churches, homes, and neighborhoods where access is granted.

MPF will help with this need by raising funds for 50 gospel film projector sets; each set costs $50 and includes an Acclaimer, speaker, screen, and case.¬† These sets are small enough to fit into backpacks or carried by hand into villages where the Gospel engages viewers’ hearts and minds and brings the Bible to life in their own language.