Project #725 - Northern Kenya

Africa Inland Mission


Tirrim Christian School Computer Project

Project Fully Funded

$ 8,550.00 / $ 8,550.00

The Tirrim Christian School offers Christian education to the Rendille Community, a mostly nomadic people living in a region of Northern Kenya which is cut off from development and the gospel.

MPF completed a prior project for them this past summer which provided solar batteries and security lights. Now that they have a reliable power source, they wish to establish a computer lab for their students and staff since most students don’t have access to smart phones or a computer at home. Over 90 percent of the parents are illiterate and depend on the school for their children’s educational materials; but with no internet access, the teachers must hand-write each student’s exam papers!

Giving Idea: If you know of a special teacher in your or your child’s life, give to this project to honor them!

Equipment Needs: 3 desktop computers; 8 laptops, 3 printers, and 3 tubular batteries