Project #726 - Home Office/Worldwide

Bold Hope


Teleconference System

Project Fully Funded

$ 1,959.00 / $ 1,959.00

When MPF first collaborated with Bold Hope on a project five years ago, they were ministering in Haiti only. Since then, they’ve expanded into other countries as well, with teams in the Dominican Republic and Belize and ministry partners in eight other countries around the world.

To properly manage these teams and relay information back and forth, it is vitally important to have adequate equipment as they connect with them from their headquarters in Pennsylvania. Those who telecommunicate with the home office often have a hard time seeing and hearing what is being said at meetings. For that reason, they need a teleconference system like a Google Meet Starter Kit which can be added to as their ministry grows.

This Project is dedicated in memory of Rev. James B. Elliott, former advisor to MPF.