Project #733 - Turkey



Sony FX3 Full-frame Cinema Camera

Project Fully Funded

$ 5,294.00 / $ 5,294.00

SAT-7 is a multi-platform media ministry working in the Middle East and North Africa region. They produce and broadcast Christian satellite television to 25 countries in three major languages: Persian, Arabic, and Turkish.

Following the devastating February earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, the SAT-7 Turk Channel is well-positioned to help lead searching viewers to a relationship with Jesus Christ. Recently a SAT-7 team visited the disaster zone and witnessed both Christians and non-Christians thanking them for their channel and its programs of hope.

SAT-7 Turk would like to produce more on-location content outside of their studio, broadcasting local believers’ testimonies in their own communities to show how the Christian church can be a place of help and hope. MPF is raising funds so they can purchase a Sony FX3 Full-frame Cinema Camera to produce quality content to show on social media. Here is an opportunity to help the people of Turkey and Syria who experienced so much heartache and loss!

To watch a video on this important need, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xw5AChyFKCs