Project #734 - Brazil

International Cooperating Ministries


260 Family & Marriage Course Sets

Project Fully Funded

$ 6,240.00 / $ 6,240.00

ICM is training pastors in Brazil where there is a rapidly growing need for Bible training resources. Many Brazilian pastoral couples struggle to care for their congregations for lack of necessary tools, especially when it comes to Christian family counseling.

This project will equip Brazilian pastors to address problems in their own marriages and enable them to teach the material to their congregations. Financial support is needed to print booklets and to purchase micro-SD cards loaded with ICM’s Family & Marriage course in the Portuguese language. MPF will fund 260 sets (this includes two booklets and one micro-SD card per set) at a cost of only $24 per set. Will you consider funding one, two, or even more sets to encourage and support pastors in Brazil? Thank You!