Project #735 - Nigeria

Rishama International


Tractor & Farm Equipment Project

Project Fully Funded

$ 6,602.00 / $ 6,602.00

Earlier this year, Rishama International purchased 125 acres of farmland for the Rishama Faith and Hope Christian Academy. They plan to farm the land to provide food for the school’s 400 students and 27 staff members. This will greatly reduce their food expenses and will also extend the love of Jesus into the community as they help others with their farming needs as well.

To begin working the land as soon as possible, Rishama has already purchased a Solis Tractor which was offered to them at a very reasonable price. They paid over 85 percent of the purchase price for it, but need help with the balance. MPF is also raising funds to get farming components for this new tractor.

EQUIPMENT NEEDS: Remaining Tractor Cost $3,788; Plow $866; Harrow $866; and Tractor Bucket $1,082