Project #749 - France

Fellowship International Mission


Household and Office Equipment

Project Cost: $ 4,450.00

$ 98.70 / $ 4,450.00

In 2019, Fellowship International Mission had a vision of starting a French-speaking church in Saint Lo, Normandy, a city with a diverse population of French citizens, immigrants, and refugees. In 2021, missionaries began a church with a small group of believers in a rented facility and now they have over forty people, half of them French citizens. Their vision is to “Liberate Normandy Again” with the truth and love of Jesus Christ!

There is great need in this region to help people going through hardships. The church currently utilizes four rooms to house and feed immigrants, refugees, and homeless French citizens, but they could use several household and office items such as bunk beds, double and single beds, pillows, wardrobes, oven, projector, printer, iPad, and dehumidifier to better equip this much-needed outreach.