Project #750 - South Sudan

MAMA Project


Ultrasound Machine

Project Cost: $ 4,935.00

The MAMA Project got its start by doing nutrition work with severely malnourished children in Honduras. They have since expanded to support vulnerable communities in Haiti, India, Tanzania, Kenya, and their latest partnership in the South Sudan where they work with refugees in Internally Displaced Peoples (IDP) camps. Individuals in these camps lack food, clean water, medical care, and all the basics of life.

While MAMA Project’s focus is on water, worms, and malnutrition, they also work to improve the care of pregnant mothers by putting together “Safe Mother and Baby Toolkits”. These kits provide resources and training which introduce life-saving technologies to health care workers. They are in need of a handheld ultrasound machine to complete one of these kits which will go do an IDP Camp in South Sudan.